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Does Your Business Really Need A Podcast?

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Having a Podcast for your business or brand is a great way to actively show your personality to your potential clients and build trust.  Previously, the only way to achieve this was by using copy and images on your website and social channels.  While these have and always will be great methods to get your tone across it’s arguably easier to achieve your point using your voice.  If you are considering Podcasts as part of your Marketing Strategy then before you take the plunge, make sure to read on…


Not Every Business Needs a Podcast


This might be a surprising statement from an agency who provides Podcast Production services, but the fact is, its true.  Before you embark on creating a Podcast you first need to understand your customers and ask those all-important questions “Who is my listener?” and “Would they listen to my content?”.

Having worked with organisations and individuals on their Podcasts, we understand the need for effective planning.  It is often the case that when we first are approached by potential clients that they have created already created a content plan. The harsh truth is though, that it often reads more like a press release or extended commercial.  The majority of listeners do not want to have sales pushed on them constantly, especially during their downtime.  Ensuring your Podcast is both entertaining and speaks to your customer’s needs is paramount if you are to create an engaging and well-received show.

Our advice is always to avoid overly stamping your brand throughout any audio marketing and instead to take a lighter approach.  It’s normally the case that adopting this approach will actually get your business more attention and appreciation for not being too pushy.  The first step in achieving this is always to take some time to think about what products and services you offer and themes or ethos they match up to.  Far more interesting for the listener than just repeating what they can already read on your website.


A Podcast is a great way to build authority and trust


If executed correctly, Podcasting is a great way to show your current and potential clients who you really are.  It’s a great opportunity to show off the knowledge, care and love you have in what you do.  This helps build trust with potential new customers who have never worked with, or purchased, from you before.  One way to do this is to be open and honest with your products, including discussing any negative points or people they may not be suitable for.  This shows that you put your client’s needs before anything else.


That’s great, but how to do I come up with content?


So you now have your idea locked down, but now you need to create content to fit around that idea.  One method to get the creative blood pumping may be to contact your existing mailing list, family or friends and discuss your idea and find out what they might like to hear.  If you don’t have an established email list, then make a list of questions you might have been previously asked by clients.

Our biggest tip when looking for content ideas is to listen to Podcasts, find related shows you like and write down what you like about them.  How are they presented, structured and what do they cover.  The chances are that if you like it, others will too.


How to make sure your Podcast is well received.


While things in the world of Podcasting and marketing, in general, are never set in stone there are easy steps you can undertake to give your show the best possible chance of gathering momentum.


Podcasting takes time, before starting out in Podcasting make sure you are committed to making this work for you and your business.  On average most shows are the victim of “Pod Fade” by about show seven or eight.  To combat this decide how your shows will be structured, will they be in short series or individual shows?  No matter which way you go, to consistency, is key.  Here at Blue Soul Marketing & Media we always have our clients record a practice podcast so they understand just what it takes to create a show.


When it comes to who will host your podcast, our tip is to leave the egos at the door.  If you are the owner of the business and think you have what it takes to host the show who will tell you that you don’t?  Finding the right host for your show is just as important as your content.  If your host is monotone and dreary, no matter what you do your content will be too.  Take the time to find someone who not only wants to be the host and is exciting but knows their stuff when it comes to your business or brand.


This podcast isn’t for you, its for your clients.  If you think they might find it boring then chances are they will, and then some.  Make sure that your episodes are just as strong as your competitors and don’t be afraid to go back and fix things.  Your podcast should give people a reason to listen and if it doesn’t then don’t expect them to.


Podcasting is a lot of fun so make sure that fun comes across too, people listen to shows to be entertained and informed, not put to sleep.  Always swap places with your audience and try and understand how they would feel listening to your show.  Our tip is always to ask a trusted party to listen to your podcast before it goes live.




So you have your podcast created, you are happy with the content but now what?  Getting your Podcast out there can be a tricky operation for those with little experience.  We regularly list Podcasts on all platforms such as Apple and Spotify so have it down to an art form but if you do want to do it yourself we recommend the Apple Podcaster support guide.  This is a great starting point on what is needed to get your show on the air.


If you have any questions about Podcasting or would like to speak to one of the Blue Soul team to start creating a show please contact us to find out more.