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The Vlog covers everything we very got right and everything we inevitably got wrong when starting out.  Plus we discuss ways to organise your day to be mindful of individual mental health.

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About Us

About Blue Soul Marketing & Media

Where common sense and business sense meet to make plans.

Blue Soul Marketing & Media is based in Belconnen in the Australian Capital Territory. We offer our services to clients all over the globe but are self-confessed Canberra tragics through and through. 

Some might say we are the new kid on the block but we have a long-rooted and award-nominated history in traditional and digital marketing methods.  We are proud to be the only dedicated Marketing agency in Canberra that has well as over twenty years working in live music and events promotions.

Whether it’s Marketing Strategy, Branding, Graphic Design, Training or even Podcasting we know we can help your business or brand reach its full potential.

So speak to one of the team today, we love making new friends.

Working Hours

If only everything was a simple as 9 to 5. Here at Blue Soul Marketing & Media, we understand that not all businesses are the same that's why we work with our clients to find a working routine that fits with them and their specific needs.

Unique Perspectives

We are not just your average marketing agency, we combine years of award-nominated marketing management with a deep-rooted knowledge of audio and events promotions to offer a true full service offering to our clients.

Client Focused

Here at Blue Soul Marketing & Media, we take the time to truly get to know your organisation from all perspectives. From external customer journey mapping to internal stakeholder strategies and everything in between.

We love local business, because we are a local business.

Community matters to us and we are dedicated to growing local business and helping you succeed.  Whether it’s Marketing, Branding, Design, Training or even Podcasting contact us about your exiting project today.