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TVC Script Development

A Great commercial starts with a great script

Creating a great TV commercial for your business or brand can be a daunting and time-consuming task.  If things aren’t done correctly at the design and scripting stage this can lead to a disappointing end product and a waste of valuable time and money.

Many agencies are experts at video production, so try to jump straight ahead of this integral stage of commercial development.  Here at Blue Soul Marketing & Media, we have years of experience writing and developing TVC scripts.  That way you can be sure that the concept comes first and the production process is on the right path to success before filming begins.

We focus on the idea and the story and then help your idea come to life by working with the best production companies, meaning you have a final commercial that truly represents the quality of your brand.


Why Choose Us

We take the time to understand your unique commercial needs and plan out the potential creative ideas with you.  Once we have the creative concept agreed upon we use industry-standard writing platform Final Draft Pro to create and deliver your script.

We provide a fast, reliable and transparent service that doesn’t limit you on revisions and doesn’t charge you for hidden extras.

If you would like to find out more or would like to see some examples of our work please contact us. 

Fast turn around times that don't sacrifice on quality.

Unlimited revisions guarantee you will be 100% happy with the end result.

Industry standard production software and exports.

Cloud-based storage means your design and script files are always easily accessible.