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The Vlog covers everything we very got right and everything we inevitably got wrong when starting out.  Plus we discuss ways to organise your day to be mindful of individual mental health.

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Video Production

Video Production Services

We do not produce videos in-house at Blue Soul Marketing & Media but we do work with the best on a daily basis.  We are proud to work with award-winning Canberra based production company, Newcast Productions.

As all good Video Production teams should, Newcast understands that every brand has a specific audience with key themes that are most relevant to them.  They take responsibility to make sure these themes are communicated clearly and meaningfully to make the most impact on your audience.  From the beginning, their team assigns a dedicated producer who directs the project from its inception to the final delivery.  Newcast pride themselves on their ability to connect with everyone they work with, drawing out the powerful storylines our clients expect.

With over 30 years of TV broadcast experience including roles at:

Across every project, they bring international industry experience to the local Canberra market.  As multi-disciplinary producers, they have a range of skills and abilities that encompass the entire production process from start to finish!  Head over to their website or contact us to find out more the amazing work they do.